Epistemology is the foundation of science. Science is the foundation of research. Therefore, the scientific researcher must have a solid epistemological training. For this purpose we offer you the PRINCONSER METHOD course


The success of science is due to the application of its method. The method is subject to innovation, in this sense we offer you the new method for scientific research in the PRINCONSER RESEARCH METHOD course.


The success of philosophy has been to give birth to science. The success of science has been to give birth to technique. The success of the technique consists in the application in the work instrument. Work is the basis of human life. To delve deeper into this field of science, we offer you the PRINCIPAL PHILOSOPHY diploma.


The technique is the final result of a research work. The technique is based on science, and science is based on epistemology. Naturally, epistemology is the branch of philosophy that studies the nature and essence of scientific knowledge. Therefore, technique, science, epistemology and philosophy are interconnected, which is why we recommend you enroll in the PRINCONSER METHOD course.

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